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Feedback from Our Customers

Phonics were useful at all levels and quite fun.

R.L. Karmiel, Israel

I and my students just love Monster Phonics.  They are fantastic cards and make the learning so much fun!

J.T. Jerusalem

For the last few years I've been giving my cousin's kids private lessons in English once a week. I decided to play Monster Phonics 1 with them and we all had a blast. I've always said that this was a great game - but now that I've experienced it myself, I can say it with even more fervor!

R.L. Jerusalem

Phonic Cards - very good idea drawing a picture of the mouth and lips. The children laughed about it.


I have been showing them [Phonics] to several friends who are learning English here in London. They have found them tremendously useful and many would like to purchase a pack.

C.G. London



Read a review in ENGLISH TEACHING professional, Issue 59 November 2008.