Introducing the games

Initially, we recommend that you start by introducing about 5 sounds or vocabulary themes.  Play the clips to hear the sounds or words.

Select the product followed by a category (sound or word):

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Tips for teachers

As the learner becomes more confident, you can gradually add more cards until you reach the full set.  When teaching phonics or vocabulary to larger groups or to provide more of a challenge, you can combine two sets together.

To play, the children have to ask the question: “Do you have…?” with the name of one of the missing words.  This reinforces the association between the spoken and written word.

  • Initially, play in such a way that the child wins.  This will increase confidence and provide a greater incentive to read.
  • Why not also use the cards in other ways to teach advanced language concepts such as word categories, topic themes, or making up stories?  The only limit is your imagination!